Break Up With Addiction

If you think about addiction as a partner, it’s clear you need to kick it to the curb. It doesn’t deserve you. After the novelty of a relationship with addiction wears off (and it will, it always does), the red flags of an unhealthy relationship with a substance come to light, including poor communication, controlling behavior, and manipulation, to name a few. 

Addiction is a Poor Communicator

Addiction is not concerned with who you are as a person. Addiction has no interest in your emotional health. It just wants you to keep quiet and suppress your feelings. Addiction does not listen to you. It does not offer supportive advice. Addiction will simply give you the cold shoulder; it does not communicate.

Addiction Controls Your Behavior

Addiction demands all of your time and attention. It is selfish and does not want to share you with others. It will keep you distant from your loved ones, passions, and responsibilities. Addiction will argue that it does give some freedoms, of course. The freedom to spend money on it. The freedom to experiment with other substances. Remember, your relationship with addiction is not an exclusive one.

Addiction Will Manipulate You

Addiction wants you to doubt your ability to find purpose and meaning. It wants you to think that this is all you are good for; that it is all you need. Addiction tricks you into thinking that your relationship is positive. “I make you happy, right? I make you feel good, and I’m always here for you when you need me.”

End Your Toxic Relationship With Addiction

Addiction is like an unhealthy relationship and like all unhealthy relationships, it needs to end. Even when an unhealthy relationship ends, there is a time and a place to mourn. If memories of the “good ‘ole times” sneak up on you, rather than entertain them, reframe how you view these memories. Remember the not so good times – arguments with loved ones, your first DWI, when you were sick in bed due to withdrawal. 

Schedule a callback today and let us help you end this toxic relationship. Our unique approach, coupled with aftercare and Naltrexone therapy, has helped thousands of people free themselves from addiction. 

Because you deserve better.

Erin Short, LCADC

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