The Easiest and Fastest Way to Detox Off Opioids

Fast, easy detox

I am always curious about how a patient finds us. Tony (not his real name) said the exact words he had typed into Google to figure out how to get off heroin were “the easiest and fastest way to detox off opioids” and “the most painless way to get off opioids.”

A couple of years ago, his detox would probably have been 3 days—he believed he was using a gram or a gram and a half of heroin a day—but when fentanyl was discovered in his urine, the length of his outpatient detox was increased. For his safety and comfort, we needed to extend his detox by 2 days, totaling 5 days.

A Comfortable Detox if Possible

While the opioid detox is accelerated from a painful 7-10 day cold turkey experience, I am reluctant to say our detox is easy. That being said, we do all we can to make it is the most comfortable experience possible for people desiring to get off drugs like Percocet®, Vicodin®p, Fentanyl, Opana®, Roxicodone®, Dilaudid®, Methadone, Suboxone, and of course, heroin.

Having detoxed cold turkey on several occasions in the past, Tony couldn’t bear the thought of doing it again that way. These past painful memories kept him locked into continued use. He had tried kratom and subs to detox himself but just couldn’t make it last. Finally, in desperation, typing the search words into the computer, he found the Coleman Institute. Tony is now an extremely satisfied customer.  In fact, Tony’s experience was one of the smoothest detoxes I have worked with, and I’ve been doing this for over eleven years. 

How The Coleman Method Works

Our process uses micro-doses of naltrexone each day to displace the opioid from the receptor. The naltrexone actually takes the place of the opioid on the receptor. I describe this as a huge boulder being pushed out of a hole and being replaced with a beautiful tree. By the end of one of our Accelerated Opioid Detoxes, a ‘forest’ of naltrexone populates the receptors, leaving no empty spaces for opioids to land.

In Tony’s case, he had never before had comfort medications offered during a detox. His worst detox symptoms were chills and a jerking sensation in his arms and shoulders. But these did not last more than 2 hours, nor were they debilitating. The medication and several warm showers helped greatly with his symptoms. Plus, our staff is available 24/7 if either the patient or the support person is concerned or has questions.

Finding The Right Detox Treatment Facility

Finding a reputable place to help someone responsibly and safely get through an extremely difficult process. Perhaps your search will end here, as well. While I won’t promise a painless and easy opioid detox, I do promise a highly-skilled, compassionate staff that will provide you with the safest—and likely most comfortable—opioid detox on the market. Please call if we can answer any questions.

Joan R. Shepherd FNP

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