To Vaccinate or Not?

To Vaccinate or Not?
Watch Dr. Coleman’s Facebook Live post where he talks about whether To Vaccinate or Not? Here’s a recap. 

Our Way Out

As we enter the 3rd wave of the Covid, 2000 people every day are dying. Amongst medical professionals, vaccination and frequent testing are considered to be the only ways out of the pandemic.

Popular Reasons

Being vaccinated is incredibly important to slow the spread of Covid. A percentage of the population remains unvaccinated and there are common reasons they claim for not getting it. Here are the most common responses from unvaccinated individuals:
  1. “The Covid vaccine does not work, you can still get Covid”
Being able to still contract Covid is not indicative of the vaccine’s effectiveness. It’s important to note that vaccines work by interacting with your immune system and preparing it for the instance in which it meets the Covid virus. The body breathes in the virus through the nose which is filled with mucous. This is where the virus thrives. If your body breathes in the virus but recognizes it from the vaccine, the level of illness experienced will be much milder. 
  1. “I’ve already been infected with Covid, so I don’t need the vaccine”
The timeline for immunity between these two scenarios is greatly different. Natural anti-bodies can wear off after only 3 months, whereas vaccine anti-bodies can last three times longer than that. Vaccine anti-bodies offer triple the protection against Covid. 
  1. “I’m nervous to take the vaccine, it is too new”
The mRNA technology that makes up the vaccine has actually been around and tested for the past five years.  Going into the 3rd phase of Covid, millions of vaccines have been given to people with little to no side effects. By this point, it is undoubtedly safe.
  1. “I don’t want to take it because I don’t want to get sick.” 
When the body meets Covid from the vaccine or booster, it’s completely normal to feel slightly under the weather for a short period of time afterward. Covid is a serious virus that the body will fight hard to protect against. The lasting protective effect easily makes this uncomfortable window of time worth it.

Let’s Work Together

The best place to stay up-to-date on Covid-19 information is the CDC website. Professionals spend their lives dedicated to studying viruses. Everyone taking their advice is paramount in stopping the virus. 

If you are seeking substance abuse help for yourself or a loved one, please give our Care Advocates a call at 888-705-9615. They can direct you to one of our medical providers.

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