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Why Choose Methadone Detox?

Methadone is often used to stop using heroin or high doses of opiate painkillers and allow people to recover their normal lives. Unfortunately, methadone is also a mood-altering narcotic that is incredibly difficult to detox from. In fact, detoxing from methadone can be even harder than detoxing from heroin or prescription opiates.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make the choice between suffering through a long, painful detox and using methadone for the rest of your life. Coleman Addiction Medicine is here to help you detox from methadone safely, comfortably and quickly without disrupting the life that you’ve worked so hard to rebuild.

How Does The Coleman Method For Methadone Detox Work?

The team at Coleman Addiction Medicine understands the unique circumstances methadone patients are faced with, which is why we carefully adapted our Accelerated Opioid Detox program—developed by Dr. Peter Coleman, National Medical Director and founder of Coleman Addiction Medicine, the Coleman Institute, and The Coleman Network—to meet your specific needs. We do this by using non-addictive drugs and sedatives to completely remove the narcotics that have attached to your brain receptors. Then, because methadone stays in your body so much longer than other drugs, we then extend our typical outpatient detox treatment to 8 days.

Because our outpatient treatment only takes a few days — instead of weeks or months — there is very little disruption to your life. After your detox is complete, our team will work with you to address any longer-term withdrawal symptoms to ensure that you’re fully on the path to recovery.


More Than 7,500 Patients Treated with the Coleman Method


More Than 7,500 Patients Treated with the Coleman Method

Guide to Understanding Accelerated Opioid Detox

The Path to Freedom Starts With Finding The Right Detox Option.​

Our free Guide to Understanding Accelerated Opioid Detox offers an in-depth look at America’s opioid crisis, industry-leading detox methods and helpful information about a wide variety of addiction recovery treatment options.

What Are The Benefits Of Methadone Detox?

Outpatient Care

Detox in as few as 8 days

98% detox completion rate

No hospital stay required

Minimal Discomfort

Safe and assisted withdrawal

Reduced discomfort with customized medications

Compassionate medical professionals who specialize in addiction treatment

Recovery Support

Reduce cravings and prevent relapse with Naltrexone therapy

Access to recovery support services that are best for you

Reclaim Your Life From Addiction.

Get back to being yourself with our safe and effective method for outpatient methadone detox.

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