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The level of care, compassion, service and personal attention that all of you provide at Coleman is just phenomenal. I can’t thank you enough for everything! Mompiche, Alcohol Detox
Coleman Institute has truly changed my life for the better. This was not my first time going to detox. Everyone is so nice and comforting. They really make me feel at home. Unlike other detox centers, you are the main focus. If you are looking to save your life this is the place! While detoxing I was feeling very uncomfortable, so to help me with this I was given comfort meds. The staff was with me every step of the way. After finishing detox I started the Vivitrol shots—these are opiate blockers that prevent you from feeling high. I highly recommend these shots for anyone struggling with opiate addiction. Other detox centers don’t operate the same way and kind of hang you out to dry. Bob, New Jersey, Opioid Detox
I am so glad that I found Coleman Addiction Medicine. My experience was absolutely AMAZING!!! They were so compassionate and informative. I know deep in my heart I made the right choice by choosing Coleman. They accepted me right away. I did not have to wait, or Lord knows I might not have made it out of my addiction alive this time around. I am so GRATEFUL, and THANKFUL for everything they did for me. They made my detox a very compassionate, and easy one to be 100% honest. Don’t get me wrong I still went through some withdrawals, but it was very easily manageable. They went above and beyond what I had expected, and I owe them my life, and gratitude, and thanks! Again I am so GRATEFUL for Dr. Peter Coleman the founder and medical director of Coleman for opening a Coleman Addiction Medicine building in Fairlawn N.J. Words can’t even express how grateful I am for their entire staff. Their COMPASSION sets a very high bar and standard that other treatment centers should follow their path. I have been in and out of many detox centers and rehabs, where I have had such bad experiences. Most of them I was still very sick and detoxing from opiates where I was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, and did not want to be there. I have sooooo much LOVE in my heart for Cindy Grossman Executive Director, Erin Short Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor, Case Manage, Sook McGrath, ANP Nurse Practitioner, E. Anthony Martinez, FNP-BC, Don Hebert Director of Business Development, Community Liaison, and Dr. Ashraf Shaker Program Physician, and Aisha MA. It goes way beyond being friendly, and compassionate, and helpful. I OWE THEM MY LIFE, and MY GRATITUDE, and my THANKS!!! They are family to me, and will always be family to me, absolutely, and unequivocally I adore and love each, and every one of them. I would Recommend Coleman Addiction Medicine to everyone, and anyone who is suffering from addiction like I was. I thought I was a hopeless, soulless, lost cause, and they showed me that I was not and that I too could become a recovering alcoholic and addict. All I needed to do was take that first step and surrender, and realize that I was powerless over my insidious disease, and make that telephone call. Again they saved my life!!! Remember this disease is cunning, baffling, and powerful, and will do anything to keep you from getting help. It wants you and will get you if you let it. I implore to anyone again who suffers from the same disease I have to reach out to Coleman. It will change your life forever!!! Just for today, I am a GRATEFUL recovering alcoholic, and addict thanks to Coleman and their MAGNIFICENT staff!!! THANK YOU to everyone at Coleman who helped me. You really did save a hopeless addict and brought me back into the arms of my higher power!!! God Bless all of you!!! Much LOVE, and RESPECT, Michael F. A grateful recovering alcoholic and addict. Michael F., New Jersey, Opioid Detox
I’ve been a chronic drinker for 40 years, slipping into true alcoholism the past 5 years. I tried at-home detox, shaking under a blanket, hallucinating, wondering if I was going to make it. I also did a 5-day in-patient detox; a shot of Atavan, then oral meds for a few days, and lots of talky-talk. I went 93 days sober then relapsed. My experience at Coleman Addiction Medicine has been totally different. I underwent a 3-day, out-patient detox with phenobarbital and close medical monitoring. This was followed by oral phenobarb, along with management of spiking blood pressure, again with scrupulous daily monitoring. No shaking, no hallucinations. I knew I was on a better path. Key to the whole process was the use of an injection of Vivitrol, a long-acting form of Naltrexone that completely blocked cravings for alcohol. This has made the post-recovery amazingly easy. Best of all was the staff at the Fair Lawn, NJ facility. Nurse practitioner Sook is an experienced, compassionate medical professional. Executive Director Cindy Grossman is an incredible facility manager, tirelessly coordinating the myriad of insurance and pharmacy logistics to get the job done. Erin provides long-term social support, with weekly group meetings and encouragement to join groups such as AA. I can’t say enough about Coleman Addiction Medicine …they saved my life.
Bernie, New Jersey, Alcohol Detox

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